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Officially, SMART is an association that acts as a support center for civil society development. Unofficially, SMART is a team of experienced and committed individuals who support and strengthen civil society organizations their partners and associates from other sectors. Put even differently, SMART has vast experience, knowledge and skills for managing non-profit organisation. In any case, SMART is an association for other associations.

We were founded in 1999 and are equally enthusiastic and motivated as the very first day. We often talk in abbreviations, but will gladly elaborate on what we do. We have set our direction and goals according to the actual needs in the community and are true to them every step of the way. These goals are always based on the society open to change whose strength are active and responsible citizens. With that in mind, we offer continuous support to the development of non-profit sector and inter-sector cooperation, and we also promote volunteering. SMART informs, advises and educates on daily basis. Besides the work being done, we give importance to how it is done, so we have developed a system of quality management for civil society organizations called “OK 2015”.

SMART offers support through our programs Volunteer center Rijeka and We are Foundation. Together we educate, facilitate and plan. In short, we develop organizational and administrative capacities of other civil society organizations. We have the experience. We have the knowledge. We have the will power. Our satisfied users encourage and motivate us to continue in the same direction – the one of positive change.

More specifically, SMART’s services have helped with development of many new projects, acquiring financial support, including volunteers and overall improvement in managing organizations.

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